Tradition & Evolution

Tradition & Evolution

The Kuhn company was established in 1897 by Henri Kuhn. With a more than 100 years record and experience in the field of construction, we are able to continuously develop and improve our products, our services and our know-how.

While the Kuhn company started its business in the infrastructure works sector, it was able to recognise the importance of the real estate market in Luxembourg at a very  early stage.

Two world wars and a number of financial crunches mark the company's past. After  the Second World War, rebuilding the country was of fundamental importance. Until the 70s and the oil crisis, there was a period of fast economic development and prosperity. The 70s were also a turning point in terms of hiring employees for the company.

If before 1970, the workforce was mainly recruited in Italy, this source dried up. There was a huge need to find new skilled people originating from emerging countries. This is how the recruiting of portuguese's workforce started with tremendous challenges in terms of integration, as, at that time, Portugal was not yet a member of the European Economic Community.

Kuhn S.A. managed to keep alive its Luxembourgish identity while being highly integrated in the Luxembourgish economy and while having strong links to the different professional organisations.

The Kuhn company remains a family business and is managed by Mister Roland Kuhn. In order to maintain our identity and our values, we allied ourselves with the Félix Giorgetti Sàrl company in 2006. This historical event gave birth to the very first construction group in Luxembourg and guarantees the survival of the family business' culture and tradition in front of the big international groups.

Even if many things changed over time, our values persisted, excellence in quality of services and performance, focus on the customer and a continuous evolution of tools and methods of work.